2017 | Dr. B. R. Bansode
2014 | Dr. Shashank R. Joshi
2012 | Dr. Sandhya A. Kamath
2010 | Dr. Murlidhar S. Rao
2008 | Dr. S. K. Bichile
2005 | Dr. S. B. Gupta

Layout Design
Print Production


Layout Design
Print Production

Medicine Update

We have been associated with The Association of Physicians of India. This publication is a benchmark for the undergraduate medical students in India. It has been widely read across South-Asian countries as well as Russia.

Tasked with organizing and designing Medicine Update comprised of around 25 categories performing an onerous task. The main idea of each section is communicated by incorporating colorful visuals and bold text, making the medical book and it’s content fun for the readers. The resultant multi-author volumes is heterogeneous with considerable variation in scientific format, style and content.

We have been fortunate to be associated with them and produced the above mentioned Medicine Updates.